Will the hackers ever lose interest???

Finally, I think I have removed the problem code from the website.  Normally the hackers just implant index.html files, but this time they also hacked the PHP scripts.

That might explain why the site had been off line for a while.  After investigating the site it pointed at, I am of the opinion that the chinese hackers have been busy again.  It pointed to a common hosting portal out of Beijing.

These are the same lot that had a go last time.  All I can say is STAY AWAY.

I am also writing more of the third book, which is coming along nicely.  Like the second one before it and the first one before that, this book has taken a strange change of direction in the story line.  Oh well I’ll get back into it and give it a pop over the summer.  I am looking to get at least another two or three chapters done in the next six weeks.

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Long time no write…

Well, unknown to me the website had been hacked to death.  As I often use facebook as the primary conduit, I was highly remiss with this old blog.

Well maybe I should come back.  The site will soon be getting a major overhaul, adding the completed Book 2 update information as well as some new information regarding the third book in this increasingly odd trilogy.

Stay tuned for an update soon.

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Final run.

I have followed some advice here and started the section breaks.

In order to give some grounding to the various changes in the timeline that occur throughout the book, I have started with a diary entry from the late 1840′s.  This will be a quick two page effort that gives some flavour to the journey that one of the characters in the first two chapters took on his way to Australia.

For the later parts starting in 2050, I will do the same.  This will loosely be based on peoples experiences in the New Orleans hurricane Katrina.  It has the same feel to it, where services broke down very quickly and people did not know what was happening.

The later parts will be mundane, but will give some idea of what a daily routine is.  For this I will try and understand what makes Anne Frank’s diary so special.  At that point in the time line, all personal expression is illegal, so obviously writing a diary is out of the question.

The final part will be from someone on the base.  It is an interesting idea and I think it is the best way of giving a hint as to the timeline without slamming something blindingly obvious in front of the reader at the beginning of each chapter.

This is the home run for the book, and it should be ready when the final edit run is complete.

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The ending of one phase brings forth a new one.

FANTASTIC – I have finally finished Chapter 9, so the book is almost complete. I shall to do a mini chapter 10, similar to chapter 0 that explains some of the bits that didn’t make it into chapter 9.

Chapter 8 and 9 have been made more action orientated. Much more friction between the characters in this book as they have to deal with new and scary situations. Unlike the first book, this one brings old rivalries back but with a twist.

In the first book much of the interaction is played out between good and evil, defined lines that each character has and through out they tend not to shift. This book explores more of the darker or lighter side of each character and how they deal with different events. Kind of the old question, would you stop Adolf Hitler if you had the choice? If so would you be prepared for the consequencies of your actions?

As I move into the second phase of the book, consisting of checking and editing what has been read, I both feel a slight sadness at the end of one book, but also look forward to what is going to happen in the next.

So here’s to the tertiary phase of the story…

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Almost finished the second book.

Couple of announcements to make.

Been a while since I last wrote a post. I have been doing some photography and also beavering away at chapter 9.

I recently re-read chapter 8 and have to say I enjoyed it immensly. I know I say that each time I write a chapter but, well what can I say, I have become my own biggest fan.

Another announcement I have to make. Since I started the second book I originally took the decision to release just three books or a trilogy. However, it would seem that as the second book gets longer, this idea is no longer a valid one. The second book has become something of a monster in terms of size, so as a solution to this I have decided to release the the second book that details the story so far. It is approximately the same length as the first book, although when finished in the next couple of months, it might be between 5 and 10 per cent longer.

This means that there is now a fourth book in the increasingly bizarre trilogy. The third book will detail a fifty year section of the story, from 2200 to 2250. Answers to certain questions should be made as well as asking new and interesting ones.

One thing I always wanted to do when telling this story arc, was detail what happened in the intervening years between 2250 and 2850. Now that the spectre of a trilogy has been broken I might well write something for that period when the third and fourth book have been written. I would like to look into how the various characters ineteract and develop as they age well into their 3rd thru 6th Century of life on the base. Maybe include some of the projects they create.

All I need to do now, writing wise, is add the history elements and finish chapter 9. I might also do a new epilogue, which would prepare the reader for the next book.

The final element will be a book cover. Looks like that will be an interesting challenge.

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